I have had the privilege of serving as a Milton Councillor for 20 years. I never expected to be a politician, but if you more accurately term it as public service, it is, perhaps, a logical extension to three decades of participation in our community.

And that is exactly how I see my role – that of service to you.  I have been part of many successful initiatives – most recently the expansion of Milton District Hospital – but many others like the Education Village and Improved Rural Internet – are still yet to be fully realized. I pledge to work with you to see Milton as the ‘Town’ of limitless possibilities to Live, Work, Play and Grow.

Please contact me with your thoughts and concerns

– Cindy Lunau

Experience Counts – Our Challenges Continue!

My priorities to strengthen Communities

  • Protect Rights of Property Owners

  • Improve Road & Pedestrian Safety

  • Improve Rural Internet

  • Develop Milton Education Village

  • Enrich Milton & Campbellville Downtowns

  • Protect “Town” Heritage

  • Advocate for Milton Hospice

  • Ensure Value for Tax Dollars